Rotary Filing Cabinets

Do you have a need for high-density storage?
Do you not have enough room for a mobile shelving system?

Rotary cabinets could be the solution for you.

High efficiency and a stylish design, rotary cabinets are becoming more and more popular in offices across the UK where space is limited. These secure lockable rotary cabinets have the high capacity storage of valuable documents (or items) in mind. They are the perfect solution for any office looking to expand, or any growing business. Rotary cabinets double the potential storage space of any given area with access to records easily provided by rotating the storage bays, which swivel on a turntable.

Rotary cabinets are supplied in flat pack form so that they can be placed on location through standard door openings. Storage bays are set up on a base which can rotate through 360 degrees. What this means is that each cabinet has two usable sides and two plain faces. Whether open or closed, a rotary cabinet can lock into place, allowing for high security at ease.  Available are a range of shelves and lateral rails to store all of the common formats found in a modern office.

Rotary Cabinets Spin To Provide More Storage

Rotary filing cabinets can either replace or compliment and existing filing systems. Also, they are used to provide partition or division between different departments, saving the cost of any office partitioning being required.
Ranging in heights available, from low to high level, and we can, therefore, create cabinets to act as room dividers from floor to ceiling. They can go as tall as 2.35 meters.

Unlike static shelving or standard cabinets, our rotary cabinets do not need the same circulation space around them. They do not need space to pull out a shelf, or an aisle. Instead, they are compact. Rotary cabinets can save up to a third of the floor space required by other forms of storage. They are designed with your office in mind, with many options to make them as flexible as possible.

Rotary file cabinets can be customised with ease. By adding: –

DVD/CD racks
Adjustable shelving

A rotary cabinet is a bespoke solution and can be tailor made to meet your precise requirements.

Rotary Cabinets

Rotary cabinets have the same storage capacity as a four or five draw filing cabinet. That is a lot of potential storage in just one meter squared of floor space. Recently we have installed our rotary cabinets in NHS Hosptial trusts in Stafforshire and London

” Rotary filing cabinets are a contemporary way of solving your storage problem. Rotary cabinets are a smart addition to any office or workplace. They are practical and are made to be bespoke for your storage requirement. “

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