How Mobile Shelving Solves Your Biggest Storage Problems

By February 4, 2016Mobile Shelving

How Mobile Shelving Solves Your Biggest Storage Problems

Does your business or office struggle with a lack of space? Are your physical files beginning to mount up and you don’t know where to store them? Well a mobile shelving system may just help!

In today’s modern office environment it is important that businesses have plenty of both physical and data storage solutions. For most, their physical storage solutions take up over 50% of the office floor space, while the data storage solution takes up just a fraction of that space. For many, the space that physical storage uses is not worth the price or space it’s in. Now, we may not be experts of data storage solutions, but we are experts on physical storage solutions and we know of a physical storage solution that takes up just a fraction of the space your current systems do.

The solution is a mobile shelving system. While the design is not the most modern, the practicality and compactness of the systems themselves is light years ahead of the competition. Mobile shelving systems can be tailored to suit any business or office environment. From Hospitals and GP practices who are struggling to find space to store their patient records, to Jersey television studios that don’t have enough space for their archive footage files. All have been the happy recipients of mobile shelving systems.

Mobile shelving systems come in a wide range of finished and with a set of possible optional extras to help them fit in with every type of business. So if you wanted a wood looking mobile shelving system with electronic sliding bays, you can have that!

If you feel like mobile shelving is the one for you, then be sure to get in contact with Storwell Systems for a free quote with no obligation.

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