The Works Canteen – Outdated or Cutting Edge?

By January 26, 2016Canteen

The Works Canteen – Outdated or Cutting Edge?

We all know the feeling. It’s not long to go before lunch and the body is craving food. Any food will do, as long as it’s edible. When lunch finally does roll around most of us are eating cold sandwiches prepared or buying something from a local store. Throughout the whole of lunch, we’re imagining how much nicer it would be to be eating hot food instead.

Some people are lucky enough to eat hot food during their lunch. While it’s not as common anymore, some businesses still have works canteens. These are area’s that allow their employees to sit down with their friends and eat their own food from home or buy a hot meal from the canteen itself. Many canteens of old used to be dark and dingy places that looked like they were lifted straight from an Oliver Twist set (the food wasn’t much better either!). But in recent years, this has all changed.

Businesses have begun to realise the important of having bright, vibrant canteen, with a wide range of food available to please their employee’s cravings. Whether it’s a traditional hot meal, or the standard ham and cheese sandwiches, most canteens serve something everyone will enjoy.

Businesses that have canteens that serve food say that they improve morale and that the choice of having food provided installs a sense of well-being among employees.

Some businesses are lucky enough have the resources to go all out on their canteens.

Google is rumoured to have a ‘150-feet rule’. This rule means that no employee should not be more than 150-feet away from a food outlet. Some Google offices are also rumoured to have roughly 30 different food outlets, everything from takeaway, to sushi, to a sit-down Indian restaurant. Not only this, but it’s all free! Google allow all this to be free to its employees so they are happy to work there and will want to continue to work there to enjoy these perks.

Facebook HQ has a similar system. The office’s kitchens provide gourmet meals and snacks, with the roasted Jalapeno and tomato soup is so popular there are internal fan pages about it.

Don’t feel however that your businesses canteen and the food it offers has to be better than those examples! Studies show that nearly every business that provides a place for employees to recharge their batteries and eat some food, whether provided for them or not, have better employee morale and wellbeing.

If you are thinking about upgrading or creating a canteen for your business then we at Storwell Systems are more than happy to help!