Why Mobile Shelving Systems Future Proof Storage Needs

By January 28, 2016Mobile Shelving

Why Mobile Shelving Systems Future Proof Storage Needs.

Mobile shelving systems are the way of the future. Whether you’re a retailer or a hotel, opticians or working in a crime lab, at some point you’ll need more storage. The problem will be that there isn’t enough space to fit any more static shelving, that’s where mobile shelving systems can help.

Most retailers will know the pain of working around the holiday season. The mad dash people are in to get all their presents brought creates chaos, not just on the roads, but in the shops too. This leads to a lot of items going out of stock quickly. This can be due to popular demand, but also, because the store has nowhere to stockpile more products. Static shelving could be the problem here due to the space it takes up meaning there is less space to put in more shelving. With mobile shelving systems, this problem disappears!

A storeroom may be able to have 4 bays of static shelving installed, with wide enough aisles between each bay to allow people to move around. With mobile shelving systems the space can be doubled or tripled. This is because the bays are on runners; this allows the bays to move from side to side creating an aisle wherever you need one. Then, once you’re finished using the mobile shelving system, it can be locked together.  This avoids the possibility of anything being stolen if there is a break in.

The security aspect is handy for crime and evidence labs. Most evidence labs have standard static shelving. Meaning if there ever was a break into a crime lab, it would not stop someone destroying or stealing crucial evidence. Even though static shelving is easily accessible, it doesn’t offer the security a mobile shelving system does.

Most businesses that have gone from static shelving to mobile shelving systems say they have noticed a 95% increase in storage space. This can’t be beaten by any form of static storage.

If your business needs more storage but doesn’t have the room, Storwell Systems can help you get a mobile shelving system.

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