City Space – Can Mobile Shelving Systems Help?

By January 19, 2016General, Mobile Shelving

City Space – Are We Running Out

The other day, an interesting BBC article caught my eye; the title was ‘Are Cities the new Countries?’ At first it may seem ridiculous to suggest this; cities are a fraction of the size of countries, so how can they become cities? Well after reading the article and doing a bit of thinking by myself, it all began to make sense.

For example, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) suggested that most modern mega-cities in countries like Japan, China and France make up over 65% of that country’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The biggest metropolitan areas in the world, ones like Tokyo, Seoul and New York, have populations of over 20 million. This means just these cities have a bigger populations than the Netherlands, Belgium and Greece. Also, cities like New York and Shanghai have bigger economies themselves than most countries do. New York, for example, has a GMP of over $1.33 Trillion.

As the size of all cities and their economies grow, the amount of a countries population that lives within these cities grows too. In South Korea and Japan Over 90% of the population lives within urban areas, while in Belgium over 97% of the country’s population lives within cities. This increased urbanisation rate, as well as an ever increasing population, means that countries are now running out of space and so governments are having to build vertically to make room for everyone.

It’s not just governments worrying about the lack of space, businesses are too. More and more businesses are getting in touch with us at Storwell Systems to see if we have a space saving solution that can help them. Now, the current trend in Urbanisation looks set to continue, we are expecting more and more of these kinds of enquiries.

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