The 3 Best Options For Medical Record Storage

By February 2, 2016Medical Records

The 3 Best Storage Solutions For Medical Record Storage

Do you need a storage system that would be ideal for medical record storage? If you do and you need a hand in knowing which storage device would be best suited for your business, the Storwell Systems is here to help.

While the market is flooded with possible options for medical record storage, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the best of the best. They are:

1.       Mobile Shelving System – A classic of the storage world. While the design may not have changed much over the years, it is a proven winner in the storage world. We have had hundreds of Hospitals and GP practices that have brought Mobile Shelving Systems. Most can’t believe the amount of medical records they can now store compared to what they had before. Some say you can’t improve on perfection, and this is definitely the case with the mobile storage system.

2.       Lloyd George Record Storage – On their own aren’t the most suitable for medical record storage but when paired with a mobile shelving system they make an effective duo. The Lloyd George Record Storage systems are built to allow typical GP records to fit perfectly. Most mobile shelving systems are built to fit Lloyd George Record boxes as standard. So you won’t have to worry about whether the boxes will fit or not.

3.       Rotary Cabinets – Few are aware of rotary cabinets, but if they’re in the market for medical record storage then they should be. Rotary cabinets look like standard shelving to the untrained eye. But with a simple push the whole cabinet spins around to reveal another side of shelving that is available. While the space they take up is a little bit more than typical static shelving, it doubles the storage with minimal intrusion into walkways. This makes it a great medical record storage solution for those who don’t have the space for mobile shelving systems. Rotary cabinets can also be made to fit Lloyd George Boxes too, meaning your medical files will remain neat and tidy.

So that’s our top 3 best storage systems for medical record storage. Have none of those three taken your fancy? Don’t despair; there are plenty of other storage solutions that are perfect for medical record storage.

If you wish to learn more about those then be sure to Contact Us, or call us on 01527 592444 for more information.